Workshop on the Bamboo Way
Using sound/music to reach greater self-knowledge
A deeper experience of one's s/Self

For all those who wish to use sound/music as a door to a spiritual practice

I will play during the course of the day such pieces as
Kyorei, Sanya, Reibo, and Koku in the Jin Nyodo Kinko style and
Eirei Ni Sasagu and Gekko Reibo from Yokoyama Rampo's Kinko Honkyoku compositions
as well as Kogarashi, a beautiful 20th century Tozan Honkyoku piece by Nakao Tozan I
also Shika No Tone

with Mary Lu Brandwein
seventeen years shakuhachi

"Here, let me try.
I will give you a flute voice for your way,
A song of all the worlds and stirrings of my years and
You will be able to walk straightly and strongly.
Don't forget its voice;
Its singing will emerge from you too then."

July 14th, 2001

Zen Center of New York City Fire Lotus Temple
500 State Street Brooklyn, NY 11217


Studied with Joko Beck seventeen years
Masakazu Yoshizawa Sensei fourteen years
Jonathan Crick Sensei many years
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