Gekko Reibo (Moonlight Reverie)
Suchness (Kyorei) 2001

Played by Mary Lu Brandwein
on the shakuhachi
(Japanese bamboo flute)

"Gekko Reibo"
Listen to "Gekko Reibo" (mp3 1.2 MB

Length: 4 minutes 53 seconds


Taste Peace now by listening deeply to "Suchness" (mp3 11MB)
Length: 12:27 minutes

"Suchness," an interpretation of "Kyorei" oldest of the Three Ancient Pieces....Beingness, simple presence, peace.
Listen in quiet stillness. Stillness of body and stillness of mind. The first one note phrase again and again invites us to return and return again.

Shakuhachi is the instrument of timbre par excellence. A broad range of timbre, a varied palette of sound colors, pitched and unpitched gives voice to the inner landscape. This piece explores the already present inner peace by slowly melting away the obstacles the mind creates. This piece .. .simple; tranquil; interior; centered; older than creation.....dropping us into quiet, inner stillness, silence. This piece is very slow and by the time it is possible to listen with little thinking and with the whole body as ear.... a truly different musical and self experience emerges.

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