Beautiful, Soothing and Peaceful Memorial Service

with Mary Lu Brandwein (Shakuhachi)

A Canopy of Bamboo Flute Music Weaving in and out of Consciousness

An unusual scale, hauntingly beautiful for those looking for a unique experience

Sunning with the breathy and intimate qualities of the bamboo shakuhachi sound

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  • "...I felt washed clean and renewed by your playing poignant and strong...
    ....the intensity comes through as clarity and genuiness...
    I admire you so for being able to share from your heart like that... touches people in the most profound ways. Bob would have been teary-eyed, I think." S.G. Holtz

  • "....I thought your playing was raw and real....
    ...what really impressed me was the soul in the music you played...
    ...that's the part that touched me, touches other people..." David DeSoucey (NY), bass player

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