Navajo Desert - In Circular Logic

by Mary Lu Brandwein
Dark red iron Father-Mother rock,
Bone of earth surging upward,
Growth of earth thrusting up,
Exposed, still,
Silent, massive power.


I presence you and feel you alive.

I know my own body extends and surrounds you
You within me,
I be myself-you;
Me within you,
You be yourself-me.

I within and without, smaller and larger by turns
Changed for the knowing.

Dark iron red Mother-Father expanse.
Hot dark red summer rock breathing,
My breathing,
Growing from soil open in me.
I see, hear, feel you.
I carry you within, pregnant with you, I, who am your child, within you.

I see with your eyes,
Hear with your ears
And feel your body's life offering to me.

Back in the city I remember this.
When I wait in the hot sun at the red light,
I remember to feel the seeing of the cars,
To feel the hearing of the birds and my own bamboo singing,
To be the being...for a split second,
For a split second the seagull sores.

The rock breaths slowly in the desert.
The slow rhythms of aware awareness.
The rock waits as I slowly arrive to feel.

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Copyright © 2008 - Mary Lu Brandwein