With profound gratitude to my teachers

Masakazu Yoshizawa Sensei,

my shakuhachi teacher since 1987, for his open, selfless sharing of his immense knowledge and ability and for the enormous amount of time I have taken and for his patience.

This portrait was done around 1990. I was doing a series of self-portraits at the time and one of them came out spontaneously as a portrait of my teacher. The Chinese characters on the portrait, "kyori" done by Yoshizawa Sensei mean "inner vision" and perhaps when I, as student look inside myself sometimes I see my teacher there looking back at me. The student, I think always hopes to become her teacher.

May he rest with the Great Ones.
October 24, 2007

Bill Schultz, my shakuhachi teacher now, for his precise and insightful teaching, his understanding and the long discussions on sound, for his encouragement and support.

A very special and huge thank you to Yuki Easter who has accepted me as an ensemble partner to her beautiful and accomplished koto playing.
My deepest appreciation to her.

Jonathan Crick, my music teacher for many years, for his excellent teaching, his constant moral support and encouragement and his friendship.

Hiromi Hashibe Sensei, Noriko Tsuboi Sensei, Emiko Tayama Sensei and Masazumi Mizuno Sensei for their wonderful teaching and infinite pacience guiding me in ensemble work.

Masayuki Koga, my first shakuhachi teacher because his book on how to play shakuhachi was my sole teacher for 3 years at the beginning.

Charlotte Joko Beck, my Zen teacher since 1984 for her teaching and insight, for her patience and unconditional acceptance, for the space she opens through non-judgmental support.

May she rest with the Great Ones:
June 15, 2011

Professor Harry Chew, Professor Jack Rogers Hopkins, Dr. Catherine Yi-yu Cho Woo and Rosemary KimBal (Beautiful Joy) for their insightful and patient art instruction.

Judy Hubbard-Liu, a friend and insightful and supportive teacher.

Also gratitude goes to Jon Berkeley Isaacs, my husband, my three wonderful sons (Pablo Santiago-Brandwein, Francisco Santiago-Brandwein and Manuel Santiago-Brandwein), my family, my students, Bruce Jones who teaches me to put this web site into html and get it all connected up, and also special gratitude to Paulo Freire and all my teachers in whatever form they have presented themselves throughout my life.

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