Presentation Possibilities

1. Introduction to Shakuhachi and a Historical Brief
Lecture/recital of the different kinds of music played on the shakuhachi:Folk Music, Sankyoku, Shinkyoku, and Honkyoku.

2. A Peek into the Secret Heart of Shakuhachi,
The Inner Journey: An Introduction,
Turning Inward,
( Lecture/recital on the more esoteric aspects of shakuhachi, how to listen (Whole Listening) and a presentation of old Honkyoku (Meditation pieces), 500 to 700 year old.

3. An Exploration of Style
Presentation of the two main shakuhachi schools of music: Kinko and Tozan with illustrative pieces as well as examples of: Lion Dance Music, Folk,Nezasaha style (Northern Japan) and modern styles of Japanese shakuhachi music.

4. Shakuhachi Seminar
Topics include techniques particular to the Shakuhachi,Japanese Shakuhachi musical notation, Kinko and Tozan Schools. The seminar stresses that timbre is the principle focus of Shakuhachi music. This seminar can be tailored towards all levels of students of western music and can be used to introduce interested students to a different musical paradigm.

5. School Presentations
Grade School and High School levels.

Display of Japanese music and other interesting items provided if desired, to accompany the lecture/recitals and bibliography.

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