Letter from Jim Danielson

October 31, 2001

Dear Mary Lu,

"The Barefoot Sonata*"

your sound erased
the blackboard scribbles
I was working on

then seduced
the breath
I was following

whose naked truth
now echoes
in the chalk-dust

of your footprints,
and left behind.

B.T. 10/01 (Jim's pen name)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I want to think of it as the best birthday gift any one could give......and it was.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, my feet are marching to the same old prison cadence, an echo, that can be deafening at times, so I try to use it like "walking-meditation." Why not? But I prefer The Barefoot Sonata.

....But then there is Mary Lu, who I am truly amazed at. Your tenacity and perseverance have paid off. I was right there with you on each note. But it was much more than that - it was the entire message around each note, the intonation, the powerful dancing around the meek, the meek bending the powerful ever so slightly and gently, until they merge as one and then taper to their own nothingness of new beginnings....Yes, it was a great dance, wasn't it. One of the best dances I've had the privilege of partaking in, in a long time. Thank you for the dance....

as the crushed boutonniere
faces the blackboard
of night

and scribbles dreams
to be erased
in another life.

B.T. 10/01

Be kind to your wonderful self, be safe with that which doesn't matter, and become vulnerable where it does. I can hear your sound coming through loud and clear, and I can hear your vulnerability praying for its sight.

Signed Jim

*(I always play barefoot, out of respect for the music
to feel the connection with the earth
to remember that I am that. ml)

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