Letters of Recommendation

for Mary Lu Brandwein

"...I thought your playing was raw and real....
...what really impressed me was the soul in the music you played...
...that's the part that touched me, touches other people..." David DeSoucey(NY), bass player

"wonderful as usual..." a flute teacher

"...what I heard was so different from any music I had ever heard preformed live...
I found myself quite caught up in the experience of it.
Hearing the bent tones was both mysterious and evocative..." Heidi Knudson (professional flutist)

"Your sound and you now seem to be one..." Fumiko Tachibana

"What stunning music....it seems very obvious to me how healing this music is..." Judy Harden

Comments from Peck School of the Arts, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee
Professor A. Tsubaki, Kansas University, Lawrence, KS
Professor P. Havley, Missouri Southern State College, Joplin, MO
Professor E. Hamilton, San Diego Mesa Community College, San Diego, CA
Japanese Consulate, Kansas City, MO

Three Treasures Zen Center, Vista, CA
Sandhills Zen Group, Southern Pines, NC
Zen Center of San Diego, San Diego, CA

Jim's Letter from San Diego, CA after I played for their Meditation Group)

San Diego Union Tribune, July 28, 1997

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