Peck School of the Arts, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee

Listening Deeply: A Peek into the Secret Heart of Shakuhachi
November 10, 2003

November 17, 2003
Dear Mary Lu,

I am writing to tell you how moved I was by your recent performance at UWM. I am a flutist and have always been curious about the shakuhachi. I was captivated by your recital/lecture and was particularly taken in by the broad palatte of tonal colors you achieved in your performance....what I heard was so different from any music I had ever heard performed live, that I found myself quite caught up in the experience of it. Hearing the bent tones was both mysterious and evocative....I learned a great deal from listening to your remarks between numbers and appreciated your calm stage demeanor. Thank you so much for sharing your art with those of us who were in the audience that day. It was an extremely memorable experience for me.

Heidi Knudsen, Professional Flutist
November 12, 2003
Mary Lu:

Thank you again for a wonderful performance and insight into the shakuhachi. You opened our ears and hearts to a different listening experience which will broaden our sensitivities in whatever music we encounter.

Robert Goodberg, Professor of Flute
The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Department of Music

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