Instrument of Peace

A unique, deep meditative experience,
different than anything you have ever experienced before
and will take you to completely new places
because the sound is based on a thousand year old tradition

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    Try Suchness and Coherent Breathing with Mary Lu Brandwein and Steve Elliott: A Collaborative Effort:

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  • Taste peace by listening to Suchness: Audio Sample: Suchness (Kyorei)
    Meditative sound to cut through the many layers of thought
    and emotion that separate us from our own inner Peace.
  • A Peek into the Secret Heart of Shakuhachi
    Music performance with words on the more esoteric aspects of shakuhachi,
    how to listen (Whole Listening) and a presentation of old Honkyoku (Meditation pieces), 500 to 700 year old.
    (Presentations can be any length)
  • Deep Presence
    Shakuhachi music pieces performed within inner healing contexts.
    The sound invites deep listening which allows us to access our Innerness.
    (Presentations can be any length)
  • Inward Focus and Exploration, (ex: "The Inner Journey: An Introduction" and "Turning Inward")
    Presentations include old meditative pieces from a tradition 500 to 700 years.
    (Presentations can be any length)
  • (Night Singing River--"Sokan")
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